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Get Your TPK 2023 Planner for Productivity!

TPK 2023 Productivity Planner is created for the Christian believer who has a vision and mission from God, and who's ready to launch forward every day, week, and month of the year with Him.

A productivity planner helps you to be most productive and efficient with your goals. However, a prophetic productivity planner helps you to stay in alignment with God as you give it your all.

Receive guidance with every page you turn. Set your yearly goals and map them out. Focus each month on what the goal for the month is. Reflect monthly and start planning ahead! Get the push and inspiring words from the author and write out prayers, mindset mapping, favorite scriptures, prophetic words from the Lord, and ideate in your prophetic space. There are famous quotes for productivity, CBT worksheets for mindset and mental checkups and a thirty day self care challenge.

This planner is created for you to meditate more with God, hear Him speak to you, write out, reflect and create God goals with Him. Don't be afraid this year, but be prophetic and bold because the year of expectancy is here. Greater is coming! There is so much you can do with the TPK 2023 Productivity Planner!

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