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Asha McDermott is a wife and mother of two beautiful children.  As one of the pastors at Christ Community Church of Harlem, she is dedicated to pushing individuals to becoming a catalyst to their environment, as well as embracing their gifts, talents, and abilities. Asha has also served as an Administrator, Armor bearer, and Associate Pastor at two previous ministries where she worked very closely with leadership to enlarge the body of Christ. She enjoys ministering through praise dance, praise and worship and evangelism.

As a young adult in college, Asha started a Christian organization that helped young adults receive salvation and keep their faith, while navigating through the challenges of college life. It was there that she taught bible studies, prayer services, hosted annual conferences and concerts for her peers. With a strong educational background, holding a Bachelors of Arts and Master of Arts in Communications, and a certification as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach, Asha has made it her life’s goal to serve her surrounding communities and lead by example while coaching, mentoring, training, equipping and developing leaders.


Currently, Asha focuses her time mobilizing the kingdom of God as an entrepreneur and pioneer to her generation. She is the president and founder of The Jesus Life Company, a nonprofit organization that demonstrates and teaches on the life of Jesus, and provides spiritual and material aid to individuals, communities, and organizations. She is a Prophetic Life Purpose Coach where she trains, equips, activates and assist individuals to learn their spiritual purpose and stir up their gifts to walk in their God calling. She is a speaker and a destiny propeller. Her passion is to see God’s people enlighten by His word, and her hope is to make a difference wherever the Lord sends her. She believes that each person is given a destiny to fulfill and they can achieve whatever they put their hearts and minds to. She is the author of The Prophet Within: The Call, a prophetic book series teaching on one's prophetic journey in God.

Prophetess Asha's Story

Truthfully, it has not always been an easy road. Some of my struggles in learning the voice of God and understanding people was realizing I had so much to learn. Being humble enough to learn through the mistakes of others, difficult conversations, and most of all harsh developmental environments has been key lessons in my life. I’ve grown through the pains, and I developed in character. One of the ways we can hear God is to have dealings with Him. Usually that means going through challenges. Challenges come to make us stronger, better and give us depth of character. So in dealing with friendship betrayal, lies, and disappointments, I’ve learned to overcome and still strive to be the person I knew I was created to be.

I have always known my life was meant to bring life to others. Since a teenager, I’ve found myself at college starting my own faith-based organization to lead young women into their path of destiny. Teaching, equipping and empowering others weekly to have faith and to press past their hardships. I’ve continued in my journey and walk to help those in need. I started The Jesus Life Company, Inc. in order to bring material aid and spiritual enlightenment to people who are in need, and who are called to greater. I firmly believe every person was born for a purpose, and all it takes is someone to believe in them, model the way, and encourage them to dare to show up as their true self.

Today, I am still impacting women, men and children through prophetic teaching, coaching, mentoring and training. I believe once a person can tap into their gift and potential in God, they can do just about anything. As a little girl from the Bronx, NY with no father, and a mother who died when I was just seven years old, I did not see the odds against me. I had sisters, a supportive family and above all, a father in heaven that always lit the path ahead of me. So I’m here to help guide people to their paths so that they can forever walk in His light.

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