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Cindy Soto, Minister & Prophetic Class Member

What can I say about this mighty woman of God, she is my sister, friend, pastor, mentor and a Prophetess placed over my life. She has spoken over my life so many times and I watch as God allowed what she spoke to manifest right before my eyes. Truly she is a vessel that is being used by the almighty God. When I heard that Prophetess Asha was having the prophetic class, I made every effort to attend all 3 classes. I know deep in my heart there was a longing for more to go to another level in Christ. There was a desire to know more about the prophetic, to understand the voice of the Lord with deep clarity in the many ways that I've been experiencing Him talking to me. To boldly prophesy the word to those who He led me to, and to grow more in the department of prophetic praise and worship, which is my area of service at my local church. Attending the classes blew my expectations, not that I didn't know the Holy Spirit was going to be there in full force, but I felt Him the minute I walked through the doors. I felt the cares of the day melting away. During the class there was prophetic worship, singing the song of the Lord and basking in the presence of the Holy Spirit as the Lord allowed us to prophesy in songs, under the guidance of Prophetess Asha. The teaching was very edifying as Prophetess Asha taught on how a person can minister prophetically. The activation part of the class got me a little scared. I knew God spoke to me and at times gave me a word for someone, but I would keep silent and not do as the Lord led in disobedience. During the activation I was equipped and motivated under the leadership of Prophetess Asha to speak the word of The Lord with boldness in a safe and Holy Spirit filled environment. There is so much I can say about the classes, my life has been changed, I now walk in boldness knowing I have been activated to walk in the prophetic and go deeper into what the Lord has called me to do. I now sing a new song, A song to the Lord. I am in anticipation of her next prophetic class. My soul has been richly blessed.

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