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When you don't feel prophetic…

By: Prophetess Asha McDermott

Have you ever been at the place of what feels like no return? Something has impacted you so gravely that you're not even sure how to continue progressing? Well that's perfectly normal in a prophetic world.

You will not always FEEL prophetic, or feel inspired. In fact, you might feel pathetic instead of prophetic. The term itself can become overwhelming and just far out of reach. This is when you are in desperate need of community and reassurance. It is impossible to endeavor to do life alone. Adam couldn't. Abraham didn't, and Moses needed Aaron. Who do you need? It's not about what we want, but what we need. God knows this and has already provided for you.

When you are divinely aligned to God's will for your life you will find that He will use His people to connect you, propel you, push you and catapult you. To avoid, ignore, or even mishandle such connections would mean to miss your kairos moment where God is presenting an opportunity for you to grow in Him.

Take the time to seek God to learn what He is calling you to do right now and who He is using to help you. Even if that person is not someone who knows you, their ministry, business and influence can still impact you.

This is a season of being personal with the Lord. A season of praying, fasting and being intimate with God. So when you don't "feel" like God is speaking to you that doesn't matter. What matters is how you position yourself despite what you feel. Postion yourself in prayer and fasting. Position yourself by reading the word of God. Position yourself within the community God is calling you to. Position yourself in your calling and destiny.

Another shift is here and it's taking you into the winds of God to soar with His spirit.

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