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The Wilderness is Not Your Forever Home

By: Beuvely Severe

The Lord is saying to many of us today, "the wilderness is not your forever home." But what does that mean? It means that the wilderness is a temporary place of residence. We were not meant to make a temporary place permanent. Many have accepted life as is and lost hope. This is not the time nor season to lose hope!

For some, this season feels extremely long and never ending.

This is not the time nor season to lose hope!

It is in the dry and deserted season where we really learn about God and His character. It's where the Lord molds and shapes us. It's where we learn biblical principles. It is also in that season we begin to understand the love of God and what it means to have a purpose and identity.

God is so good and merciful. Can we take a moment to give him praise for second chances? The Lord has been speaking to us about time and seasons, I want to add another layer to what already has been written and spoken. I noticed recently in my life God brought back opportunities I missed simply because the timing was not right. Many times, we miss an opportunity due to lack of preparation and the wrong season. God who is omniscient, supreme ruler, and sovereign knows all things. In this season, pay attention to what He is saying and showing you. I believe the Lord will present opportunities to you that you thought you missed.

We must walk in wisdom and keen discernment in this season. We have an adversary who wants nothing more than to get us off course. For some of you, this will be a full circle moment for you. The difference between then and now is you have been tried and tested. You have shown yourself faithful. You are a completely different person.

I can only imagine what went through Joshua's mind as he was about to cross the Jordan river. It is said that he was part of that group that crossed the Red Sea. The Lord parted the Red Sea for the first time. The second time, He dried up the water in the Jordan River. God's ways are not our ways nor are His thoughts! This was a full circle moment for Joshua and the Israelites--to finally experience and dwell in the promised land.

Be encouraged, The Lord holds your future! The promised land is yours not the wilderness!

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