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By: Prophetess Asha McDermott

God is getting ready to do unexpected, unexplained, and unimaginable things for His people, in such a great and mighty way to prove that He is indeed our God, and that all that we have been hoping and believing for is to come to pass. This is not a time to doubt Him. This is a time to believe and increase in greater faith like those that we read about in our Bible.

Today, God is challenging you to have greater faith to expect the unexpected. The unexpected blessings, the unexpected miracles, the unexpected answers, the unexpected moves, the unexpected demonstrations, the unexpected dimension, the unexpected wisdom, the unexpected gifts, the unexpected abilities, the unexpected powers, the unexpected authority that He is releasing, for He is calling you to be a vessel that He can use for His honor and His glory. Why? so that He can expand Himself in the earth. He will reach and reap unexpected souls, and He wants you to be the one to do it.

So, rise up! Rise up in your God call, rise up in courage, rise up in boldness, rise up in strength, and do what the Lord says. Begin to gravitate to what God wants you to do, and ask God every single day “God, what do you want us to do today?”

This unexpected thing is getting ready to manifest in a matter of months. This unexpected thing is getting ready to take you by surprise. This unexpected thing that God is getting ready to do is going to shift you out of your normal into a super normal that God is calling you to. God is calling you to a super new normal in Him, and He has shaken, and He has caused things to be upside down so that He can set them upright. So, He can move in a way that only He can explain that nobody else can.

This is a time of the manifestation of God’s promises. This is a time where we see the budding of the glory of God move in the earth. This is the unexpected time that we must expect God to do it for His glory!

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