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God did not intend for man to have the written word. From the birth of the world and man, God spoke directly to His creation. It wasn't until the sin of man that God had to create parameters and separate His presence and word from man. He spoke only to His prophets, devout men and women who was faithful and set apart to God. When God spoke to Abraham, He spoke directly. When He spoke to Moses, He spoke face to face. But because of the sins of the people the Lord had to give Moses the written law. However, it was always God's intention to speak freely to His people.

This course is designed for individuals whoever questioned the purposes of the prophetic and its true power. Expect to go deeper and learn the nature of God and His intention of all creation.

A certificate of completion will be given to students who complete all five weeks of this class.

Prophetic Origins October 2022




5 Weeks - Friday's at 7pm

Your Instructor

Prophetess Asha McDermott

Prophetess Asha McDermott

Prophetess Asha McDermott is the Owner and Founder of TPK. She is considered a spiritual midwife and destiny propeller. As the principal leader, coach, mentor and trainer, her passion is to see others thrive in their God given call and gifts. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communications from Penn State University and a Master's Degree in Communications in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is an ordained pastor and confirmed prophet at Christ Community Church of Harlem in New York City. She is a pioneer in her generation and is the founder and president of a Non Profit organization called The Jesus Life Company, Inc. She believes TPK will cause many to discover and navigate their prophetic journey as they walk out their purpose and destiny with Christ.

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